When you’re interested in buying this Htc Inspire 4G from AT&T right away, you’ll become very happy to know RadioShack is running a exclusive pre-order promotional with the Android 4G gadget starting up these days.  As probably you know, the Htc Inspire is going to be available for $99 with a 2 year contract, and RadioShack allow you to put down $50 to your order and will also be refunded by using a RadioShack gift card.  Aside from that, those who choose the pre-order will be presented a free of charge $30 store credit when it comes to Inspire add-ons.

If pre-ordering isn’t to your taste, you'll be able to always buy the Htc Inspire through AT&T, or another accepted 3rd party suppliers starting Feb . 13 for $99 upon agreement.
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