To speak about this Pre 2 has a short life-span can be an exaggeration. Today during it’s “Think Beyond” WebOS press meeting Hp declared the successor towards the Pre line, the actual Pre 3. Unlike this Pre 2, the actual Pre 3 is much more than merely an easy update towards the Pre+ with some minimal improvements.

The Pre 3 doesn’t completely deviant through the Pre 2, it does maintain much the same overall look, but despite having a quick peek the Pre 3 is actually noticeably larger. That’s because Hp finally shifted away from the 3.1-inch display with a 3.6-inch display screen, including a image resolution of 480x800. Inside there’s one of the many most recent Snapdragon processors running at 1.4 GHz. With all the enhanced power you receive a 5 Mp back-facing digital camera capable of 720p video, along with a VGA front-facing digital camera. The front-facing digital camera works extremely well for video calling, but it’s not yet determined exactly what service you may use for this.
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